Pam Giles

Pam was born in Plymouth, educated in Essex, and qualified as a teacher from Sussex University school of education in 1972. After teaching for three years, she joined the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and retired as an Inspector after 30 year’s service.

Pam has been a volunteer for the historic collections of the police for the past 13 years under its various names, and has been a Trustee since January 2021. She was a cofounder of the Friends of South West Police Heritage Trust. During her time with the collections, she has attended various housekeeping and museum courses run by the South West Museum Group and has also completed and passed an online course on Museum Practices run by The Liverpool Museum.

Pam enjoys cataloguing on the museum software and researching enquiries. She is currently engaged in identifying collection photographs through social media platforms such as Facebook. She is very keen to see the collections made available to the public.