Mark Sandford

I was born and grew up in Exeter and joined D&C in 1984 when I graduated from Leicester University (BA Economics). I served most of my career as a DC in Plymouth (Charles Cross) and Fraud Squad, where I specialised in money laundering. I retired as a police officer in 2015 and was then employed as an Accredited Financial Investigator with the Serious Organised Crime Investigation Team, where I currently work.

My main interest is family history. As well as my own family I have spent 25 years researching the sinking of the emigrant barque ‘John’ off Cornwall in 1855, identifying and researching the families of the 271 people on board, 194 of whom drowned. This work has been adopted by the National Maritime Museum.

In my volunteer role with the Museum, I am leading the development of a database collating police officers and staff shoulder numbers before and after force amalgamation.