Image gallery: Plymouth City bomb damage – before and after the air raids

This article is part 1 of a series about the The Plymouth Blitz.

Street near Princess Square C1930.
Mount Edgecombe Manor with unexploded Bomb C1941-C1942.
Near Barbican C1930s.
Austin Avenue, Devonport 12.07.1940.
Lipton House, Bedford C1930s.
Plymouth Guildhall Church Roof Destroyed C1941-C1942.
Mutley Plain C1930s.
Plymouth City Police Women’s Auxiliary and/or Plymouth City Police War Reserve or the wardens clearing up rubble from Vauxhall Street junction with Stilman Street C1941-C1942.
City Hospital 12.01.1941.
Andrew’s Garage, near Barbican C1930s.
Roundabout at Northcross C1941-1942.

Words by Miranda Stevens