Our Values

  • Collaboration – We are a collaborative, inclusive organisation, committed to working with others to realise the full potential of the collections and to make the history of policing accessible to a diverse audience.
  • Creativity – The museum’s ethos is underpinned by a contemporary outlook, and we value doing things differently with unbridled creativity.
  • Passion – Developing our collections for everyone to enjoy is driven by an unwavering passion for, and belief in, the significance of policing heritage in understanding today’s world.
  • Ambition – We value pushing the boundaries of traditional expectations of a policing museum, committing ourselves to be forever bold in our work and ambitious in our goals.

We are a heritage Trust, but we don’t just value stories from the past. In fact, we are committed to understanding the world we live in today. Police history in Devon and Cornwall over the last two hundred years offers us incredible insights into the world then, so we can better understand the world – and our place within it – now.

We are an inclusive Trust, and we want to share stories that go beyond truncheons and uniforms, crimes and curfews. We know the value of contributions made by those who continue to be underrepresented, and as a Trust we strive to answer questions around race, gender, and inequality that our collection poses. We value untold stories, and we are committed to shedding light on narratives that often stay silenced.

We value collaboration and community. We are bold, entrepreneurial, creative and passionate, and we are working hard on realising the potential of our collections and all they can offer.